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     Hi World!!!

    I want to talk about how ARTY we are.This site Cosplay Infinity is about having fun and being creative. I come from a dynamic and creative family. If ever we were in need of something, someone would inevitably say "well we can always make one". That is something which has carried me well for many years. Ingenuity, discipline, imagination, and craft is something everyone should experience.This website is a major resource for cosplay and costuming, historical, anime, movie tv characters and themes, angel wings, wedding, EVA and much more.

    Thank goodness costuming and cosplay has re-emerged as a cultural statement. Costuming is so big now that it's not just for kids anymore. Most of my clientele are adults. I believe everyone can make and wear awesome costumes and should regularly. And if you don't want to make it we will gladly make it for you to your own design and size. As far as trends go the future is here and it is customized.

    This website is the brainchild of Cheryl Scribner, owner who truly loves what she does

    Look for more blogs, videos, handmade items, cosplay supplies, and tools.(EVA craft foam, masks to decorate, hats, flowers, feathers, and demonstrations)